The High School Democrats of America is the largest and most credible Democratic high school organization in the country. By joining HSDA, students will have access to a vast network of resources and chapters, as well as a community of like minded peers.

Please note that registering as a member of HSDA will automatically register you as a member of SCHSD.


We encourage everyone to continue social distancing in order to protect our communities, particularly those who are more vulnerable to this virus. 

Our initiatives during this time include:

Keep an eye on our social media for more information about each of these events, and sign up for phone banks and more at OUR NEW MOBILIZE ACCOUNT!


Joining a state-wide SCHSD committee is a great way to make your voice heard on the state level and make a difference in your community! Committee membership is open to all members of SCHSD, and no prior experience, either in HSDA or in politics, is necessary. 

SCHSD Committees meet virtually either weekly or bi-weekly. Committees currently accepting new members are as follows:

  • EXPANSION COMMITTEES: intended to help complete tasks necessary to expand SCHSD and its influence

    • General Expansion Committee: will help tackle outreach by doing emails, calls, DMs, and texts to organizations and people in the state​

    • Relational Outreach Committee: will employ relational outreach techniques by systematically establishing relationships and connections with people who are not involved in HSDA

    • Voter Registration Committee: will help mobilize unregistered voters and set up voter registration drives through the 2020 elections

    • Diversity Outreach Committee: will work on outreach to involve diverse communities and organizations in SCHSD

  • LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE: intended to lobby for key legislation supported/opposed by SCHSD. Members are also encouraged to research legislation in both the South Carolina Senate and House of Representatives and to lobby for issues they are passionate about.

To learn more and to sign up for one or more committees, click on the links below!

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